find files using pretty C expressions

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What is rawhide?

Rawhide (rh(1)) lets you search for files on the command line using expressions and user-defined functions in a mini-language inspired by C. It's like find(1), but more fun to use.

Search criteria can be very readable and self-explanatory and/or very concise and typeable, and you can create your own lexicon of search terms. The output can include lots of detail, like ls(1).

You can search with file glob patterns and Perl-compatible regular expressions (regexes). You can search by name, path, symlink target path, body, access control list (ACL), extended attributes (EA), and all the usual file metadata (file type, permissions, owner, size, modification time, etc.).

For more information read the Documentation.

Supported Platforms

Rawhide should compile and work on any recent POSIX system (post-2008) with a C compiler and make. It has been thoroughly tested on Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, macOS, Solaris, and Cygwin.

While optional, it is very highly recommended that libpcre2-8 be installed. It adds so much more fun.


There is a README file, the LICENSE, two manual entries, and the source code itself:

README - Introduction, Description, Synopsis, Examples, Documentation, Download, Install, Requirements
LICENSE - GNU General Public Licence Version 3
rh(1) - find files using pretty C expressions
rawhide.conf(5) - configuration file for rh(1)
sources/ - source codes files


Latest: 20230609 rawhide-3.3.tar.gz (SHA256 a51a1360ce4763838b29a548a8e49dcf47a93a922bf1df05c8b7d50ecb9ab09d)
Previous: 20230609 rawhide-3.2.tar.gz (SHA256 73d0f755ec3edb07c714255a4fb2a47b52b6225815fc39c5719b8330f94530ce)
20221011 rawhide-3.1.tar.gz (SHA256 f495311262b44d3b55ba301f8367c65fbfc075f09d6fce4018a5e5e0588cc6fa)
20220330 rawhide-3.0.tar.gz (SHA256 b312b36573b69c7eddf24698525d852d06d29bffa7740c5cd767c2d30dae0a7a)
19900218 rawhide-2.0.tar.gz (SHA256 13a9b529d05be46876e56cb1ba1a94c6c2a4a916c61e1a12c9c3b16557af7587)

What is rawhide? | Supported Platforms | Documentation | Download

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