Identify given/family names and capitalize correctly

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What is nameutils?

nameutils is a python module containing functions that can split a person's full name into their given and family names, and capitalize the letters appropriately. It understands complex names in Latin scripts from many different languages, and it understands Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names, in both their own characters, and romanized.

This module is useful when receiving a person's name that might be all uppercase, or in the wrong case, or it might have the given names and the family name combined in a single string (e.g., a single spreadsheet column), and you need to split the full name into its parts, and you want to set the capitalization correctly so as to show each person a little respect by taking the trouble to at least try to get their name right.

For more information read the Documentation.

Supported Platforms

nameutils should work on any system with any version of Python3. It depends on the non-standard regex module.


There is a README file, the LICENSE, a manual entry, and the source code itself:

README - Description, Documentation, Download, Requirements
LICENSE - GNU General Public Licence Version 3
nameutils(3py) - Identify given/family names and capitalize correctly
sources/ - source codes files


Latest: nameutils-1.0.0.tar.gz (SHA256 1e30bf7420cc74264ecc17a92d12fd2253f9f62ca1949cbbf7c0ffc3e6036bb6)
nameutils-1.0.0-py3-none-any.whl (SHA256 194a3509c9a455deec24232253ec970f0fcd44f180190201ad6ff2d6a9e5e9fd)

What is nameutils? | Supported Platforms | Documentation | Download

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