carefully rename multiple files and directories

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What is mved?

mved renames multiple files and directories in a deeply paranoid fashion. At the slightest hint that you are going to destroy your files, it will bail out and tell you why.

mved is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

For more information, read the manual entry in the Documentation section.


Supported Platforms

mved is written in Perl and should run on any system that has perl(1). There are no dependencies on any non-standard Perl modules.


There is a manual entry:

mved(1) - the mved(1) manpage


mved-3.0.tar.gz [31186 bytes, 20200625] (SHA256 f8e01e9fee847e01cd2ee3a7e621c97e49c8f7c52e472b3efacfeb1029a5ff31)
mved-2.2.tar.gz [5781 bytes, 20111027] (SHA256 f7ff3829a54a3402c2329bdf85ff5dbe385a73fb7059804c56ff6fb75bdf364d)
mved-2.1.tar.gz [5454 bytes, 20091105] (SHA256 dbbed6f7f492435c193161c255368b4961357a05eeb914872fb9ed742ff99f60)
mved-2.0.tar.gz [5433 bytes, 20080307] (SHA256 58f031e9c27da5597824f89b22ec97ab892c3f4465d0fafb98b833b985bb2449)
mved-1.1.tar.gz [5327 bytes, 20060124] (SHA256 5cef5f8c3d38c4b611af17cc10c095bb0028bc810434c3aaaba15da9502264ea)
mved-1.0.tar.gz [5336 bytes, 20030901] (SHA256 07802181dbdc93259bc1ff00974f35f4c8022641a2865b498ac52f4d6fd1f80f)
mved-0.1 [9119 bytes, 19970712] (SHA256 79ef2be3917a96ed1902b04698942af18e8c192e0af4face5e8bd2ec8fd11cae)

What is mved? | Examples | Supported Platforms | Documentation | Download

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