toc2names - name wav/mp3/ogg/flac... files based on the contents of a tocfile


  toc2names [options]
    -h, --help            - Show the help message then exit
    -V, --version         - Show the version message then exit
    -n, --noname          - Do not name files (just print mv commands)
    -t, --tocglob tocglob - Override default tocfile glob (00*.toc)
    -f, --formats formats - Override default formats (wav,mp3,ogg,flac)
    -s, --style style     - Override default naming style (simple)


toc2names reads a jukebox table of contents file and uses its contents to construct descriptive names for the corresponding track files (i.e. *<index>*.{wav,mp3,ogg,flac}). The -t option overrides the default glob used to identify the tocfile. The -f option overrides the default list of acceptable file format extensions. The -n option suppresses the naming of the track files. The commands that would have executed are printed to standard output.

There are two naming styles supported. The ``simple'' style has dashes instead of spaces, no upper case characters, very little punctuation and no 8 bit characters. The ``complex'' style preserves spaces, upper case and accented characters. The default style is specified in the juke_names variable in /etc/jukebox.conf. It can be overriden with the -s option.

For each track title in the tocfile, the following transformations are performed to create a simple file name for the corresponding track file:

  - Remove accents from accented characters
  - Convert upper case to lower case
  - Remove anything in square brackets
  - Unabbreviate "in'" into "ing"
  - Unabbreviate "o'" into "of"
  - Unabbreviate "&" into " and "
  - Unabbreviate "+" into " plus "
  - Unabbreviate "#" into " number "
  - Unabbreviate "=" into " equal "
  - Replace spaces and slashes with dashes
  - Remove all unacceptable characters (i.e. [^!?a-z0-9-])
  - Strip leading and trailing dashes
  - Compress strings of dashes
  - And end up with <tracknum>[- ]<title>.<format>

The user must confirm or override all suggested names.

Simple names look like:


Complex names look like:

  01 Track Titlé.mp3


  /etc/jukebox.conf - System wide configuration file
  ~/.jukeboxrc      - User specific configuration file


  rip(1), riptrack(1), mktoc(1), toc2names(1), toc2tags(1),
  cdr(1), cdrw(1), burn(1), burnw(1), cdbackup(1), mp3backup(1),
  jukebox(1), jukeboxc(1), jukeboxc.jar(1), jukeboxd(8),
  jukeboxd-init.d(8), jukebox.conf(5),


raf <>