riptrack - read selected tracks from an audio cd into wav files


  riptrack [options] start-track [end-track]
    -h, --help       - Show the help message then exit
    -V, --version    - Show the version message then exit
    -C, --cdda2wav   - Read CD with cdda2wav
    -P, --cdparanoia - Read CD with cdparanoia
    -R, --reader cmd - Read CD with arbitrary "cmd"


riptrack reads a single track or a range of tracks from an audio cd. The resulting wav files will reside in the current directory with whatever names they were given by the reader software (e.g. cdparanoia or cdda2wav).

The default reader software to use is specified in /etc/jukebox.conf. The -C, -P and -R options override the default reader.

To encode the wav files into some other format, use rip(1).


Read the first three tracks from three CDs and burn them onto a CDR

    mkdir compilation

    # insert 1st cd
    riptrack 1 3
    mv *01*.wav compilation/01.wav
    mv *02*.wav compilation/02.wav
    mv *03*.wav compilation/03.wav

    # insert 2nd cd
    riptrack 1 3
    mv *01*.wav compilation/04.wav
    mv *02*.wav compilation/05.wav
    mv *03*.wav compilation/06.wav

    # insert 3rd cd
    riptrack 1 3
    mv *01*.wav compilation/07.wav
    mv *02*.wav compilation/08.wav
    mv *03*.wav compilation/09.wav

    # insert cdr
    burn compilation/*.wav

    # clean up
    rm -rf compilation


  /etc/jukebox.conf - System wide configuration file
  ~/.jukeboxrc      - User specific configuration file


  rip(1), riptrack(1), mktoc(1), toc2names(1), toc2tags(1),
  cdr(1), cdrw(1), burn(1), burnw(1), cdbackup(1), mp3backup(1),
  jukebox(1), jukeboxc(1), jukeboxc.jar(1), jukeboxd(8),
  jukeboxd-init.d(8), jukebox.conf(5),


raf <>