mp3backup - backup an mp3/ogg collection onto cdr/dvd discs


  mp3backup [options]
    -h, --help            - Show the help message then exit
    -V, --version         - Show the version message then exit
    -n, --nobackup        - Do not backup (just output the catalogue)
    -c, --catalogue file  - Write the catalogue to file
    -b, --brief           - Don't include track titles in the catalogue
    -s, --speed #         - Override default speed (24)
    -r, --root dir        - Override default music directory (/mnt/music:/mnt/spare)
    -t, --tocglob tocglob - Override default tocfile glob (00*.toc)
    -S, --size size       - Override default cdr/dvd size (700)


mp3backup backs up an mp3/ogg collection onto a set of cdr/dvd discs fitting as much as it can onto each cdr/dvd. The -c option causes it to also output a catalogue to the file specified as its argument. The -n option prevents the backup from occurring so the only action is to produce the catalogue (This is used internally to place a copy of the catalogue on each cdr/dvd). If no catalogue file is specified when the -n option is given, the catalogue is printed to standard output. The -b option prevents track titles in the catalogue. The -s option overrides the default speed. The -S option overrides the default cdr/dvd size. The -r option overrides the default music directory. The -t option overrides the default tocfile glob. All parameters such as the cdr/dvd device, the speed and so on are specified in the configuration file.


  /etc/jukebox.conf - System wide configuration file
  ~/.jukeboxrc      - User specific configuration file


  rip(1), riptrack(1), mktoc(1), toc2names(1), toc2tags(1),
  cdr(1), cdrw(1), burn(1), burnw(1), cdbackup(1), mp3backup(1),
  jukebox(1), jukeboxc(1), jukeboxc.jar(1), jukeboxd(8),
  jukeboxd-init.d(8), jukebox.conf(5),


raf <>