mktoc - create a table of contents template for some wav/mp3/ogg/flac... files


  mktoc [options] [artist] [title]
    -h, --help            - Show the help message then exit
    -V, --version         - Show the version message then exit
    -n, --nocddb          - Do not ask to obtain cddb information
    -t, --tocfile tocfile - Override default tocfile name (00.toc)
    -f, --formats formats - Override default formats (wav,mp3,ogg,flac)


mktoc creates a table of contents template in a format suitable for use with jukebox. If cddb information is to be obtained from, then the CD in question must be in the drive when this is run. Then the table of contents will be prepopulated.

Otherwise, the artist and title will be populated with the command line arguments (if supplied) and there will be a line containing an index number for each track file found in the current directory. The track titles (and possibly the artist an album title) will need to be entered manually. Even if cddb information is used, further annotation will almost certainly be required so use your favourite text editor to finish the tocfile. Tocfiles look something like:

  Artist: Janis Joplin
  Title: Cheap Thrills
  Jukebox: rock blues 60s hard awesome female vocal
  cddbid: 5608b807

  01 Combination of the Two
  02 I Need a Man to Love
  03 Summertime
  04 Piece of My Heart
  05 Turtle Blues
  06 Oh, Sweet Mary
  07 Ball and Chain


  /etc/jukebox.conf - System wide configuration file
  ~/.jukeboxrc      - User specific configuration file


  rip(1), riptrack(1), mktoc(1), toc2names(1), toc2tags(1),
  cdr(1), cdrw(1), burn(1), burnw(1), cdbackup(1), mp3backup(1),
  jukebox(1), jukeboxc(1), jukeboxc.jar(1), jukeboxd(8),
  jukeboxd-init.d(8), jukebox.conf(5),


raf <>