jukeboxc.jar - graphical jukebox network client


  java -jar jukeboxc.jar [options] [host [port]]
    -h, --help    - Show the help message then exit
    -V, --version - Show the version message then exit


jukeboxc.jar is a graphical client for jukeboxd, the jukebox network server. The first argument, if any, specifies the hostname of the jukebox server. The default host name is ``jukebox''. The second argument, if any, specifies the TCP port to connect to. The default port is 1221.

This client lets the user select music by artist, title and category. By default (i.e. if no selection is entered), it plays the user's favourite tracks (as specified in Jukebox tags in the table of contents files).

The specification of selection criteria is reasonably good. Plus (+) and minus (-) characters can precede search terms to require or ban their presence in matching tracks. Single or double quotes can be used to group terms together into a phrase (Apostrophes must be quoted with double quotes).

There are several check boxes that affect things. The ``All'' checkbox selects all tracks. The ``Strict'' checkbox causes the selection criteria to be searched for in jukebox tags only. Artist names and album and track titles are not considered. This means that tracks are selected by category rather than name. The ``And'' checkbox makes every search term mandatory. This has the same effect as adding a ``+'' character to the start of every search term that does not already start with a ``+'' or ``-''). The ``Sequential'' checkbox causes the selected tracks to be played sequentially rather than in random order. When tracks are played sequentially, the jukebox stops when it reaches the end of the sequence. This is useful for playing a single album. The ``Continuous'' checkbox causes jukebox to continue at the top of the sequence instead.

The user can start or stop the jukebox, view selected tracks (i.e. playlists) and reduce the selection manually before playing them. Playlists can also be saved and loaded again to be played later. If you want to reorder the tracks in a playlist, select them with the mouse and then click the up arrow button or type Control-Up to move the the selection up. Click the down arrow button or type Control-Down to move the selection down.

Pressing return/enter while the search term field has focus is the same as clicking on the Play button. Pressing Control-P is the same as clicking the Playlist button.


Does not defend against a broken/malicious jukebox server. If the server does not respond when expected, this client will wait forever. Since the server should always be on a locally controlled host, this shouldn't be an issue. Accepting this flaw means that this program can run under java-1.2. Fixing it would require at least java-1.4.


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raf <>