cdr - write files/directories or an iso9660 image to cdr


  cdr [options] arg...
    -h, --help    - Show the help message then exit
    -V, --version - Show the version message then exit
    -s, --speed # - Override default speed (24)
    -i, --iso     - Argument is an iso9660 image


cdr writes files and directories or an iso9660 image to cdr. All parameters such as the cdr device, the speed and so on are specified in the configuration file. The speed can be overridden with the -s option.

The command line arguments are passed directly through to mkisofs along with the -graft-points option. This means that if you specify a single directory, the root directory of the cdr will contain the contents of that directory. If you specify multiple directories, their contents will be merged to form the root directory of the cdr.

In order to place multiple directories in the cdr's root directory, you need to graft them into place. For example, to create a cdr containing the contents of the ``a'' directory (without the ``a'' directory itself), the ``b'' and ``c'' directories and the file ``d.e'':

    cdr a b/=b c/=c d.e

Don't forget the slashes when grafting a directory into place or the cdr will contain its contents, not the directory itself. See ``man mkisofs'' for more details.

The -i option treats the (single) non-option command line argument as the name of an iso9660 image file and burns it as an image, not as a file. If you pass a single non-option command line argument to cdr, and it ends with ``.cd'' or ``.iso'', cdr will ask if you want it to assume the -i option. This allows you to be careless without wasting cdrs.


Write the contents of a directory to cdr

  cdr dir

Write a file and three directories to cdr

  cdr file dir1/=dir1 dir2/=dir2 dir3/=dir3

Write an iso9660 image to cdr

  cdr -i mycd.iso


  /etc/jukebox.conf - System wide configuration file
  ~/.jukeboxrc      - User specific configuration file


  rip(1), riptrack(1), mktoc(1), toc2names(1), toc2tags(1),
  cdr(1), cdrw(1), burn(1), burnw(1), cdbackup(1), mp3backup(1),
  jukebox(1), jukeboxc(1), jukeboxc.jar(1), jukeboxd(8),
  jukeboxd-init.d(8), jukebox.conf(5),


raf <>