turns your computer and sound system into a jukebox

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What is jukebox?

This suite of command line scripts transfers your cds onto computer into wav, mp3, ogg or flac format and creates table of contents files that can contain category/preference information as well as artists and titles. This information can be used to name the track files sensibly and to tag mp3, ogg and flac files.

Once that's done (and it can take a long time), the computer (preferably connected to a sound system) becomes a virtual jukebox. By default, this jukebox plays the user's favourite tracks continuously in random order but there are also reasonably good searching facilities to select tracks.

If you have a home network, you can run a jukebox network server and control it via a graphical or command line client (this is only really useful if the jukebox computer is connected to a common sound system).

Other scripts included write files, directories, iso9660 images or wav files to cdr/cdrw, or backup audio cds onto cdr, or backup an mp3/ogg collection onto multiple cdrs.

This is a simple jukebox system. Everything is written in bourne shell or perl (except the graphical client which is in java-1.2). Everything is plain text (i.e. configuration, tocfiles, playlists). There is no requirement to run huge applications like database servers or web servers (although hosts running the graphical client need a java-1.2+ runtime engine installed). You might need to download a few things but they're small (except java).

Jukebox is freely available under the GNU General Public License.


For more information read the manual entries in the Documentation section.

Supported Platforms

Currently, jukebox is only known to work on:

It probably works on any Linux system that has the prerequisite software installed and working.


There is the Jukebox-HOWTO, a README file and a manpage for each of the scripts that comprise jukebox and a manpage for the configuration file that affects their default behaviour.

Jukebox-HOWTO - Overview of the jukebox suite
README - Descriptions, Files, Requirements, Install, User, Copying, History
rip(1) - read an audio cd to wav/mp3/ogg/flac/... files and create a tocfile (source)
riptrack(1) - read selected tracks from an audio cd into wav files (source)
mktoc(1) - create a tocfile template for some wav/mp3/ogg/flac/... files (source)
toc2names(1) - name wav/mp3/ogg/flac/... files based on the contents of a tocfile (source)
toc2tags(1) - add tags to mp3/ogg/flac files based on the contents of a tocfile (source)
cdr(1) - write files and directories or an iso9660 image to cdr (source)
cdrw(1) - write files and directories or an iso9660 image to cdrw (source)
burn(1) - write wav files onto an audio cdr (source)
burnw(1) - write wav files onto an audio cdrw (source)
cdbackup(1) - backup one audio cd onto a cdr (source)
mp3backup(1) - backup an mp3/ogg collection onto multiple cdr discs (source)
jukebox(1) - play selected music continuously in a random order (source)
jukeboxd(8) - jukebox network server (source)
jukeboxc(1) - command line jukebox network client (source)
jukeboxc.jar(1) - graphical jukebox network client (source)
jukeboxd-init.d(8) - SVR4 init script for the jukebox network server (source)
jukebox.conf(5) - configuration file for the above programs (source)


Latest: jukebox-0.1.tar.gz [49.5KB] (MD5 ebb641eb07eb5d30bc68542bb05e273c)
jukebox-0.1.html.tar.gz [15.5KB] (MD5 fab4cf8cb71c9cb92cd2203e0300c898)
jukeboxc-0.1.jar [20.5KB] (MD5 caa3fe32a15c916f3b7adf5519f77828)


There aren't any mailing lists for jukebox. Please send any questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, patches, ... to: jukebox at raf dot org.

What is jukebox? | Features | Supported Platforms | Documentation | Download | Contact

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