Mail filter to replace MS Word/HTML attachments with plain text

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What is textmail?

Textmail filters a mail message or mbox, replacing MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, RTF and PDF attachments with the plain text contained therein. By default, the following attachments are also deleted: image, audio, video and MS Windows executables. MS winmail.dat attachments are replaced by any attachments contained therein which are then replaced by text or deleted in the same fashion. Any of these actions can be suppressed with the command line options. Mail headers can also be selectively deleted.

This is useful for increasing the accessibility of mail messages (by reducing their dependence on proprietary file formats), for dramatically reducing their size (and the time it takes to download them and the time it takes to read them), and for dramatically reducing the risk of mail-bourne viruses). Its intended use is as a preprocessor for mailing lists. This is more friendly than a strict "No Attachments" policy.

Textmail is freely available under the GNU General Public License.


For more information read the manual entry in the Documentation section.

Supported Platforms

Textmail is written in perl and executes several external programs. It should run on any system with the following software:

Textmail does not require any non-standard perl modules.


There is a manpage.

textmail(1) - the textmail(1) manpage
CHANGELOG - the change log


Note: There is no tarball. The download is the script itself. Just download it into a directory in your $PATH and make it executable (chmod +x textmail). Run textmail -m to read the manpage.

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What is textmail? | Features | Supported Platforms | Documentation | Download

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